Buick Encore horn not working – causes and how to fix it

The horn is an important safety feature in your Buick Encore. Driving your vehicle with a broken horn can be dangerous for you and others on the road. If the horn does not honk in your Encore when you press the button on the steering wheel, it can have various causes. What these are and what you can do about it, we explain in this article.

Buick Encore – (фото Бьюика)

Some of the common causes that stops the horn from working normally on your Buick Encore are blown fuse, bad relay, faulty horn, corroded or worn out connector, broken wire, broken clock spring or bad horn button.

1. Перегорел предохранитель.

The horn on Buick Encore needs electricity to work. In case of a faulty fuse, the circuit is interrupted and the horn can not work.

Check your Encore’s owners manual or the fuse box cover to find the exact location of the fuse for the horn. If the fuse is blown, replace it with a new one with the specified amp rating.

Сравнение хорошего и плохого предохранителя.

Чтобы проверить предохранитель, вытащите его из блока предохранителей Encore с помощью съемника для предохранителей или острогубцев и держите против света. Если металлическая полоска сломана посередине, предохранитель перегорел. Вы должны заменить его на другой такой же силы тока и, следовательно, того же цвета. Неважно, в каком направлении вы вставляете предохранитель.


2. Плохое реле

Relays are electromagnetic switches that are used to switch electrical loads on and off. A bad relay can also be the cause of horn failure on your Buick Encore.

Реле звукового сигнала имеет прямоугольную или квадратную форму с тремя или более ножками внизу.

First of all, you should find out where the horn relay is located in your particular model of Encore. The информация могут быть перечислены в руководстве по эксплуатации вашего автомобиля. Обычно реле расположены в моторном отсеке или под рулевым колесом с левой стороны. Если повезет, схема подключения будет нарисована на облицовке. Перед началом замены всегда необходимо отсоединять аккумуляторную батарею автомобиля.

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As soon as you have identified the relay for the horn, you should check whether there is an identical relay in the box, typically you can use AC relay to test the horn relay. With this you can easily test whether the electromagnetic switch is actually the cause of the malfunctioning horn on your Encore. Most relays are plugged in, but they can still be relatively tight. Be careful not to damage anything when removing the relays. Remember: The battery should be reconnected after replacing the relay – otherwise no current will flow.

3. Плохой рог

A broken horn could be the reason why you can no longer honk on your Buick Encore. Horns rarely break down, they can last decades and can even outlive the life of the vehicle. Still, it can fail depending on how often you use it. In particular, if the horn is working but sounds off, it’s because one of the horns has worn out.

You can test the horn on your Encore by checking the voltage at the connector or with a test light.

4. Обрыв провода или плохой разъем

The horn sits at the front of your Buick Encore where grime and other small particles can build up over time. This can lead to corrosion on the connector resulting in poor conductivity. You don’t necessarily have to replace the corroded connector, in most cases the connector can be cleaned with WD-40. For safety reasons, make sure the battery is disconnected when cleaning the connector, and the connector is fully dry before you plug it back in.

If you don’t see any corrosion on the connector of your Encore, then its time to perform the voltage test with a multimeter, or you can also use a test light. Turn on the multimeter and insert the probes into the connector, one at each point making sure the metal part of probes don’t touch each other – otherwise it will short out and blow up the fuse, and may cause damage to the vehicle’s electrical system. After inserting the probes, ask a friend to press the horn button in the vehicle. The multimeter should read 12+ volts, if it reads 0 volts then it indicates conductivity failure in the horn system: a broken wire, bad connector, broken clock spring or faulty switch can be the cause other than blown fuse or bad relay.

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Multimeter should show 12+ volts at the connector when you press the horn button on the steering wheel of your Encore. If it shows 0 volts, it means the horn is not getting any current.

Ущерб от грызунов: If bite marks or the like are discovered, there is a high probability that a rodent has let off steam in the engine compartment of your Encore. Then it is important to carefully examine all other cables and hoses for damage, including electrical wires for the horn.

5. Сломанная часовая пружина

The spiral cable or clockspring is a spiral-wound special rotary electrical connector in your Buick Encore which allows the steering wheel to turn while still making an electrical connection between the buttons on the steering wheel, including horn button, and the vehicle’s electrical systems. The clockspring is located between the steering wheel and the steering column. The clockspring contains delicate wires that can get damaged during servicing or due to overuse if the vehicle has put on too many miles.

If the clockspring is damaged in your Encore, you may see other system malfunctions as well. For example, the airbag warning light may illuminate in the instrument cluster, or other buttons on the steering wheel may stop working. But in rare cases, it is possible that only horn wire in the spiral gets damaged.

Иллюстрация часовой пружины.

Невозможно восстановить поврежденную часовую пружину. Они относительно недороги и при обнаружении дефекта должны быть заменены на новые.

6. Неисправен выключатель кнопки звукового сигнала

Another reason for non-functioning horn can be failure of horn button in the steering wheel of your Buick Encore. Over time, depending on how frequently the horn has been used, the button may eventually wear out and cease to function.


There are many reasons why the horn may not be working in your Buick Encore. When looking for the reason, you should always start with the most obvious cause, blown fuse or faulty relay.

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В любом случае неспециалистам рекомендуется посетить мастерскую, так как вы можете легко повредить свой автомобиль, особенно электрическую систему. Опытный механик может диагностировать проблему, пока вы потягиваете кофе в зоне ожидания.

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